How do we create management systems?  

We create customized industrial control software. We will comprehensively map your requirements and needs. We will then design a software solution that perfectly covers all your needs.   

There are two variants of development and programming of control systems with which we work:  

  1. we will completely modernize the already current technologies and propose the best solution for the existing system  
  2. we will create and program a new control system, we will create a complete technology  

Whether you need to create a special software for processing and preparing production data, or just start and stop the developed hardware, or complete control technology, we will create an easy and intuitive solution for you.  

Why are our management systems unique?  

Our advantage lies in the creation of a study to evaluate the state of management and control of technological units. The goal is to propose a simplification of both system management and control, 

using the least possible costs to ensure the greatest efficiency, simplicity of control, servicing and maintenance of technology. 

What is the output?  

We create management visualization in one unified design. When drawing the visualization, we pay attention to the requirements of the operator and the requirements of the technology, technologists. Each visualisation is therefore clear and understandable.  

What does the management software designed by us enable? 

  • preparation of data for production  
  • control of machines and equipment  
  • reading and visualization of production equipment results  
  • management of access rights to individual functions  
  • data Backup  
  • reporting results and statistics   

What other services can we do for you?  

  • modernization of old control systems  
  • replacement of power elements, converters, servo converters  
  • design, modernization or implementation of industrial communication software  
  • visualization, unique design, designed exactly according to customer requirements  
  • cyber security  

What do we work with?  

  • Allen-Bradley  
  • Siemens 
  • Mitsubishi  
  • Omron  
  • Wago  

What type of machines do we program control systems for?  

We develop control systems for customers across industries. 


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