If you are an operator of machinery, you are obliged to ensure compliance of the equipment, production lines or production technologies with valid regulations and thus ensure the safe operation of the machinery you operate or supply.

The safety of machinery is mainly covered by Directive 2006/42/EC, but also by other regulations, directly or indirectly, depending on the type of technology.

The goal of these normative and binding regulations is the safety and protection of your employees at work, but also the protection of property.

Who and when must ensure compliance, i.e. ensure safety on machinery?

  1. manufacturers or suppliers of a new machinery
  2. importer of machinery from countries outside the EU
  3. operators or owners of machinery
  4. investors in the framework of installation and operation of machinery

What services do we offer you:

  1. processing of risk analysis and risk assessment of machinery
  2. assessment of operated machinery based on Directive 2009/104/ES (Government Regulation CR 378/2001 Coll.)
  3. development of instructions and local operating safety regulations
  4. as part of the risk assessment, a complete proposal for the security of the machinery, leading to the correction of the security of the machinery
  5. complete implementation of the proposed measures, so-called turnkey machine repair
  6. after implementation of the proposed measures – issuance of EC declaration of conformity and CE

As part of the implementation of the proposed measures, we ensure:

  • 3D model of the proposed modifications
  • addition of safety elements to machinery
  • mechanical adjustments of any kind
  • protective guards of machinery, workplace
  • hydraulics
  • creation of diagrams, if they do not exist (electrical, pneumatic, etc.)
  • electrical engineering work
  • programming work (Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, IDEC, OMRON)
  • legislative requirements (instructions for use, technical drawings, etc.)
  • complete production of a new equipment
  • minor construction work and complete project implementation
  • measuring the energy intensity of the product

When is it appropriate to contact us?

  • if you make structural modifications to an existing machine
  • if you make substantial changes to the machinery
  • if you are buying a new machine from outside the EU
  • if an accident has occurred at your workplace and you need to secure machinery


We are a team of security specialists and technicians that operates throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic, also within the EU. We understand not only the technology, but also that suspended production or construction is the worst case scenario for your company. We are here to help you avoid these situations.

How do you get started when you need to ensure security on your machinery?

Contact us and take advantage of a FREE CONSULTATION in which we will assess the condition of your machinery and propose the best solution:

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